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Certification Program

(Available September 2024)


Schema Training Canada is offering Certification at both the Standard and Advanced Levels. The ISST requirements for Certification in Individual Schema Therapy for both the Standard and Advanced Certification Programs include 25 hours of didactic training and 15 hours of dyadic training.

A two-session optional online group opportunity will be offered for new participants to encourage networking and learning. One session will be available at the end of the Certification training program, and again one month after completion of the Certification training program. It is our goal to attract therapists wishing to develop their ST knowledge and practical skills, and to ultimately become ST supervisors and trainers. While there has been increasing interest in ST in Canada recently, it is for the large part relatively less well-known here, despite international popularity for well over 20 years. The networking group will offer a more relaxed and personal opportunity to facilitate relationships between
Canadian Schema Therapists, as well as with other therapists internationally, and to consolidate the learning from the Certification program. We hope to develop a strong Canadian ST community and presence, and hope that this group will act as a building block in this initiative.

All trainers in Schema Training Canada programs, including those noted above, will meet ISST Supervisor and Trainer requirements and will be recognized leaders in their areas of expertise. Trainers will be required to provide a description of the training, and how this meets the Certification and CEC requirements, to participants.

We are offering two workshops of three days each, for eight hours each day. See below.


Module 1 : Basics of Schema Therapy

Trainer - Frances Miller

Subjects Covered

  • Basic concepts

  • Outcome research

  • Assessment

  • Inventories

  • Case conceptualization 

  • Therapeutic relationship

Hours Specfication

  • Didactic - 18 Hours

  • Dyadic - 8 Hours

Number of Participants

  • 20 People

Module 2 : Intensive, Treatment

Trainer - Frances Miller

Subjects Covered

  • Treatment techniques

  • mode work:

    • Specific population

    • Client / therapist

    • mode/schema interactions

Hours Specfication

  • Didactic - 17 Hours

  • Dyadic - 7 Hours

Number of Participants

  • 20 People


Standard level applicants will require 20 sessions (50 minutes each in length) of supervision weekly or biweekly, and two tape ratings.

Advanced level applicants will require 40 sessions (50 minutes each in length) of supervision, and 4 tape ratings. Supervision is expected to take from no less than one, and no longer than three years, to complete to meet Certification requirements. Applicants must have completed 80 hours of client sessions in order to complete the requirements.

Schema Therapy is a complex, nuanced approach to therapy that is best learned with longer term supervision and training. Participants will be welcome to approach any of the presenting trainers to request supervision, and a list of contact information for that purpose will be provided to participants. We will be promoting Canadian Supervisors and Trainers by offering a list of approved Canadian resources (please see Resources). As noted, Frances is an ISST Certified Supervisor and Trainer, and will make herself available to participants, either as a referral source to other Supervisors or to offer Clinical Supervision.

In meeting the ISST supervision expectations, supervision will include assessment using case conceptualization, treatment planning, practicing specific techniques, and reviewing tape ratings. At Schema Training Canada we recommend that applicants consider undertaking their own personal Schema Therapy. Therapists are human, and our own schemas
and modes can be triggered in the work we do. Understanding your schemas and modes is critical to being able to help others to do the same.


ISST Standard Certification requires two tape ratings, submitted every 6-8 weeks of supervision sessions. One tape must include a case conceptualization, and case summary.

ISST Advanced Certification requires 4 tape ratings, every 6-8 weeks of supervision sessions.

Both Standard and Advanced applicants require a rating of 4.0 for competency. In Canada, Dr. Chirine Dakkak and Dr. Danielle Sauve have agreed to act as tape raters and supervisors.


Applicants wishing to participate in the Certification Training may download the Certification Training Program Application Form from the ISST website. Applications for Certification will be reviewed for credentials and experience.

Applicants wishing to participate in Modular Training through Schema Training Canada will be required to have a Bachelor’s degree in a related field: psychology, social work, psychotherapy, nursing, psychiatry, medicine. In order to be eligible for CEC, participants will need to have a Master’s degree in a related field.

To register for the Modular Training of your choice, please select and pay for your webinar. Then fill out this form, and it will automatically be sent to Frances Miller MSW, RSW for your training application.

Those applying for the Certification Program will be required to have a Master’s or Doctoral level degree in mental health, with preference going to those with higher levels of clinical and supervisory experience in the field.

All candidates should be licensed mental health providers in their field with experience in psychotherapy, and should have had exposure to the ST model through training, supervision, and/or reading.

For a full description of the ISST Certification program requirements, please go here.

The initial application for the Certification Program includes the following:


  • Down load and complete the Certification Application:

  • Attach your current Resume/CV

  • Attach proof of your professional licence or professional College certification/membership

  • Include other information of relevance to your application

  • Submit the completed application to Frances Miller MSW, RSW at

Click here to see our suggested resources, professionals and readings.

Certification is granted by the ISST upon submission of all requirements.

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