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Imagery Rescripting with Joan Farrell

If you missed todays STTC Webinar  about Imagery Rescripting with Joan Farrell, you missed a great learning experience with live group imagery, AND a live role play, with Joan and Ida demonstrating the process of IR from initiation with client to debriefing. 

 4 Fantastic Take-aways for Joan Farrell’s “Imagery Rescripting” Webinar yesterday:

Trauma negatively impacts the sense of self stored in maladaptive schemas—and that this is dramatically impacted by the psychotherapeutic technique of Imagery Rescripting. 

Imagery Rescripting evokes more emotion than simply talking about a traumatic experience is able to evoke. Research supports that modifying interpretations of traumatic events is strongly promoted by having clients imagine the situation, so that IR can correct dysfunctional information that leads to schemas and the subsequent maladaptive modes.

Imagery Rescripting is always about going back to the unmet need of the child—not focusing on the detail of the abuse or trauma or the content of the memory.  The therapist is teaching the client to meet the emotion as it comes up, using new perspectives and strategies gained in the IR.

Debriefing includes cognitive reprocessing of the IR, or in other words, the reattribution process. The corrective emotional experience of IR leads to attributions that are different than the original understanding of the trauma, so that  the self message becomes  “I’m good, I am lovable, I deserved to be protected”.  Make sure you identify a specific new message based on the IR during the debriefing—you can make a flashcard for the client to practice this at home.

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