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But thankfully Robin Spiro has a roadmap for us in identifying the primary schemas and modes inherent in complex trauma, and in treating both the client’s damaged sense of self and their subsequent attachment issues.

With her highly recognized expertise in the area of trauma and Schema Therapy , Robin brings an elegant combination of graciousness, warmth and respect to healing trauma through the limited reparenting relationship that she develops with each client. Her clients resonate to her validating approach aimed toward rebuilding the capacity for trust that was destroyed by the ongoing childhood trauma. 

Managing the extreme modes associated with complex trauma requires understanding of the purpose and perspective of these challenging modes. Join us in learning how to help traumatized clients transform from the vulnerable/abused or angry child mode to the flexible, adaptive healthy adult identity.

You will embrace the therapeutic wisdom and understanding that Robin is so well-versed in bringing to her traumatized clients, and the evidence based Schema Therapy approach that has been shown to be effective in treating this population.  

This is an essential workshop for ALL of us!  After all, complex trauma is found in up to 50% of those in mental health facilities (Maercker, 2022), so there is no doubt that we are routinely dealing with these issues in our practices. Having a roadmap to the well-known challenges of this complicated work helps us bring competency and confidence to our clients.

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