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Does your imagery rescripting need a boost?

One of the 2 most important interventions in Schema Therapy, along with limited

re-parenting, imagery rescripting is crucial to accessing deeper levels of emotional

and memory processing. We have all experienced the powerful change that

experiential mode work brings, as a way of counterbalancing damaging modes,

for deeper change with a corrective emotional experienced.

Therapists are human though, and we may go through times when we are tired or

depleted, or just not quite sure of how to use imagery rescripting in a given

situation. I notice that when I use it frequently, it can start to feel little formulaic,

so refreshing my ideas is critical to keeping it effective and alive. That’s why

having access to ST experts, like Dr Joan Farrell, can expand our repertoire and

bring ne life to our imagery rescripting interventions.

STTC is excited to be hosting the brilliant Joan Farrell on Oct 19 from 11-1 EST.

Joan will be taking us through “Powerful Imagery Rescripting Techniques in

Schema Therapy”—don’t miss the chance to interact with and learn from this

internationally recognized expert in Schema Therapy!!

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