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Did you know that traits of covert and overt narcissism are the same?

Did you know that traits of covert and overt narcissism are the same?

Both have an inflated sense of self, according to Jodi Clark of Very Well Mind, and

fantasies about success and grandeur.

The schemas that we generally see in narcissists are mistrust/abuse, emotional

deprivation, abandonment and social isolation. In order to cope with these

schemas, narcissists rely on Maladaptive Coping modes to shore up their fragile

self esteem. The coping modes that you are likely to see include self aggrandizer,

and self-soother/detacher modes.

People with covert narcissism tend to be shy and introverted, sensitive to

criticism, and often socially isolated. They share the overt narcissist’s sense of

superiority, may frequently choose passive aggressive responses, or may put

themselves down in order to elicit reassurance from others.

Schema Therapy is an effective, evidence based treatment for narcissism. Drawing

from an integrative therapeutic approach, with an overarching Schema Therapy

perspective, therapists address the client’s underlying sense of inferiority and

fear of failure.

Want to learn more about how to recognize and treat this difficult and often

demanding client presentation? Join us for internationally recognized expert

Wendy Behary’s webinar on November 9 with Schema Therapy Training Canada:

Behind the Mask of the “Perpetual Victim”…Identifying and Treating Covert Narcissists and Their Partners

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